Wellness Country House and Spa Treatments


1. Brightening Facial Treatment: We apply Argan Oil on the face and neckline as a great anti-ageing product due to the anti-oxidants it has. Also, Argan Oil, rich in vitamin E, helps regenerating skin cells and provides hydration. 30-minute estimated duration. Price: 35€.

2. Body Peel Treatment: Your skin will regenerate by the process of skin exfoliation, improving hydration and skin texture. It will also help prep your skin for future treatments. 30-minute estimated duration. Price: 30€.

3. Relaxing Body Massage (focused): 30-minute estimated duration. Price: 25€.

4. Relaxing Full Body Massage: 60-minute estimated duration. Price: 35€ / Couple 90€.

5. Relaxing Full Body Massage: 90-minute estimated duration. Price: 55€ / Couple 130€.

6. Relaxing Body Massage; 4-hand Massage Experience: 60-minute estimated duration. Price: 60€.

7. Relaxing massage with hot stones: Duration approximately 75 minutes. Price 45€.

8. Body Wrap and Massage Treatment: Body wraps are intended to improve skin texture, tone, tighten skin, and increase blood circulation. Enjoy the benefits of cocoa, wine or mud in a special, unique and relaxing way during the treatment.

    8.1. Chocolate Body Wrap: Enjoy the benefits that cocoa has to offer. Stimulating and energizing body treatment that rejuvenates hydrates and moisturizes your skin, combating skin fatigue and stress. 90-minute estimated duration. Price: 60€ per body wrap / Couple 140€.

    8.2. Grape Body Wrap: Thanks to their antioxidant properties, active ingredients of wine are going to combat signs of skin ageing, improving luminosity. Price: 60€ per body wrap / Couple 140€.

    8.3. Marine Mud Body Wrap: Combination of brown algae and marine mires designed to boost skin metabolism that generate a stimulating effect. Price: 60€ per body wrap / Couple 140€.

Beauty Treatments Hands & Feet

1. Manicure: Nail filing, removing cuticles, hand massage followed with a chosen nail color. Price: 15€.

2. French Manicure: Nail filing, removing cuticles, and French manicure polish. Price: 17€.

3. Spa Manicure: Nail filing, removing cuticles, and peeling, nail scrub mask and manicure polish. Price: 22€.

4. Pedicure: Nail filing, removing cuticles and corns, including foot massage and pedicure polish. Price: 20€.

5. French Pedicure: Nail filing, removing cuticles and corns, foot massage, finishing with a French pedicure polish. Price: 22€.

6. Manicure and pedicure package: Price: 35€.

7. Permanent Gel Nail Polish: Shiny and perfect nails for 14 days. For those who want to make nail polish last longer. Price: 22€.

Beauty Treatments Makeups

1. Day or Night: 50€.

2. Pre-bridal Makeup: Every bride deserves to look flawless and radiant on her day, and that is why bridal makeup is super important and must be perfect. Price: 60€.


1. Vit C: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is used to create a brighter, smoother, and more youthful complexion when applied to the skin. Price: 45€.

2. Brightening: Efficient treatment that helps to prevent and eliminate skin blotching, and gives a radiant and smoother look to your skin. Price: 45€.

3. Oxygen Facial: Treat your skin with a reviving breath of oxygen with this innovative procedure that brings life and energy to your skin. Price: 40€.

4. Sensitive Skin: Reactive and intolerant skin treatment that soothes regenerates and protects sensitive skin. Price: 45€.

5. Hydrating Facial: Technology and comfort go hand in hand in this procedure that delivers hydration deep into the skin from first application. Price: 45€.

6. Skin Firming Treatment: Remedial program for mature skins that boosts facial features, restructuring facial contours. Price: 60€.

7. Urban: Special treatment for boys, anti-pollution with a black mask. Price: 45€.

8. Reequilibrium: Special treatment for oily skin. Price: 45€.

9. Mirada: An effective rejuvenating treatment of the eye contour. Price: 45€.

10. Special Moment: An authentic experience of beauty, anti-aging, illuminator, look… and finished with gold mask. Price: 70€

Eyelash Treatments

1. Eyelash dying: Price: 15€.

2. Eyelash perm: Price: 25€.

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